Stakeholder Engagement

Approvals Process

Richmond Vanadium Technology Limited has engaged specialist environmental consultant Epic Environmental to lead development of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and assist with associated approvals leading to the issuing of an Environmental Authority and ultimately the grant of a mining lease.

Epic has worked with RVT for more than 3 years and has a deep understanding of the project and local area. The EIS will investigate the potential environmental, economic and social impacts of the Project.

A Progressive Rehabilitation and Closure Plan is also required to outline how the land will be progressively rehabilitated through the various stages, as well as the proposed post mining land use.

An Estimated Rehabilitation Cost also requires approval before mining can commence. The Project has been declared a Coordinated Project and will be assessed under the State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971.

As part of the environmental approvals, technical studies and field surveys will be undertaken looking at the potential impact a mine could have on:

  • Traffic                                          • Social / community values
  • Air quality                                  • Visual amenity
  • Climate change risk                • Terrestrial and aquatic ecology
  • Local economy                        • Noise and Vibration
  • Soil                                              • Cultural Heritage
  • Hazards, health and safety

Environmental Studies Update

Environmental studies seek to collect data to establish baseline conditions for the project site and surrounding areas.

Community Consultation & Social Impact Assessment

Since 2017, RVT and Epic have been on the ground in Richmond conducting work and meeting local landowners and stakeholders. Epic travelled to Richmond at the start of July 2023 to commence a more formal engagement process. This included meetings with Richmond Shire Council, landowners directly affected by RVTs activities and initial service providers.

Information collected from this, and future engagement, will form part of the Social Impact Assessment which is designed to identify, manage and monitor the social impacts of a project, both positive and negative. This includes impacts that may affect you or the Richmond community at all stages of the project such as continued engagement, workforce management, housing and accommodation, local business and industry procurement and health and community well-being.

Your engagement and information will assist RVT to develop measures to mitigate adverse impacts and enhance benefits to ensure that residents of communities near the project benefit from the construction and operation of any future mine.

Consultation will continue throughout, and RVT and Epic will engage with the community and stakeholders through consultation events, project newsletters such as this and FAQs.

Bankable Feasibility study Update

The bankable feasibility study is running concurrent to the environmental approvals and being led by well-respected engineering consultants DRA Global and RVT’s BFS Project Director, Peter Hedley.

A feasibility study is a detailed document that evaluates a project to determine whether the defined deposit (in this case vanadium) can be mined and processed economically. This includes all known geological, engineering, legal and operating data on the project, as well as the environmental and social factors.

This normally comes after the completion of a scoping study. A feasibility study is “bankable” if it has been prepared in enough detail and with enough objectivity that the company could submit it to investors or lenders when seeking financing for the project.

Further information

If you would like to register as an interested stakeholder, please send your contact details to the email address below.

Local stakeholders can call 1800 185 442 if you have questions about the approvals process or engagement strategy.

Phone: 1800 185 442



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