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The Richmond-Julia Creek Vanadium project spans an area between the towns of Richmond and Julia Creek, north of the Flinders Highway in Queensland.

A critical factor to any business success is working with local communities and contributing to positive local initiatives and ongoing community development.    We want to be a part of strong and sustainable communities, working with local landholders and Shire Councils to understand and meet community expectations.  We look forward to building long-term relationships based on trust, respect and genuine partnership.

Richmond (Richmond Shire Council)

The town of Richmond is the pivotal point of the Richmond Shire, situated on the south bank of the Flinders River.  Richmond is 500 kilometres west of Townsville and its early history is based around explorers, adventurers and pastoralists in search of new land. Originally sheep were the primary source of income, however later years have seen cattle become the predominant market commodity. In the early 1880’s the Woolgar Goldfields to the north of the Shire was once a bustling part of the area and exploration continues.

Today, Richmond is a popular Outback tourist destination with the lush green gardens and bougainvillea lined streets a welcome sight for travellers into and through Richmond.

The local Council’s Mission is “To facilitate and foster economic development, industries, innovative projects, while continually upgrading and maintaining public infrastructure, to meet the growth of the Shire”.



Julia Creek (McKinlay Shire Council)

McKinlay Shire is the gateway to the Gulf of Carpentaria.  The Shire spans some 41,000 square kilometers and embraces the townships of Julia Creek and Nelia on the Flinders Highway, and McKinlay and Kynuna on the Landsborough Highway.  A rural and regional Shire, McKinlay is home to a productive and innovative pastoral industry, as well as the world’s richest single mine producer of silver, lead and zinc, at Cannington, and a copper mine in Eloise. The world’s largest natural aquifer, the Great Artesian Basin, underpins and supports the community and the diversity of the rich grazing lands and unique animal life.

Local Council looks to lead the way towards a future that can sustain growth and economic development, while retaining a lifestyle that is uniquely “Outback”.


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