RVT believes it is imperative that we commit to holding ourselves accountable and reporting on our ESG performance.  We have adopted the globally recognised World Economic Forum (WEF) Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework, which includes core SASB and GRI metrics, Science Based Targets, GHG Protocol, and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

RVT’s ESG metrics and sustainability will be incorporated into its Bankable Feasibility Study at every stage from inception to mine decommissioning, and throughout the supply chain to better enable the Company to balance the benefits to the planet, people and profit successfully.

RVT uses technology platform Socialsuite’s ESG measurement and reporting software platform, which is currently being used by over 165 organisations worldwide including publicly traded companies across the ASX, NASDAQ, NYSE, TSX, and OTC Markets and not-for-profit organisations.

Socialsuite’s software will assist RVT to recognise and unlock the ESG value already present within the organisation, drive long-term responsible and sustainable operations and provide thorough and regular ESG reporting.  RVT released its baseline ESG report in September 2023.

Our four ESG focus areas areas are:

  • Stakeholder Consultation
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Water Consumption
  • Research & Development


We support the transition to a lower carbon future and are committed to sustainable development as responsible stewards of the environment

  • Adopted the globally recognised World Economic Forum (WEF) Stakeholder Capitalism framework
    and engaged technology platform Socialsuite’s ESG Go for measurement and reporting.
  • Epic Environmental consultants appointed to secure the environmental approvals required for RVT to develop the Project.  Epic has significant local experience – recently delivering an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for a vanadium project near Julia Creek.
  • Minister for the Environment confirmed the project will be assessed under the bilateral agreement between the Queensland and the Commonwealth governments providing a clear pathway for the approvals process.
  • Preliminary Environmental Assessment indicated no major environmental constraints to preclude the project from proceeding.
  • Wet and dry season flora and fauna surveys conducted across life-of-mine area.
  • RVT approvals process commenced with Final EIS Terms of Reference released in April 2023.  EIS commenced.


We serve as a catalyst for local economic development in Queensland through transparent and respectful engagement

  • Use of local business, civil, accommodation, services and meals.
  • Regularly engage with the community and key stakeholders through an inclusive and collaborative community and stakeholder engagement programs.
  • Preparation of a Social Impact Assessment report to describe the potential impacts (positive and negative) of the project and develop management measures to mitigate adverse impacts and enhance benefits.


We value accountability, transparency, fairness and responsibility for the best interest of all stakeholders

  • Board committed to establishing RVT as a reputable, modern, exploration and development  company with strong ESG principles.
  • Integrating best practice standards and corporate governance principles.
  • First critical minerals project to be declared a Coordinated Project by Queensland Government.

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